Back from Confuzzled

So ... I'm back home after a long trip to England (going by car sure takes a while). Well, what can I say? I kind of liked it, I guess. The weather was nice, the people were awesome and the drinks were good.
Sadly, my stomach didn't quite agree with the food there. If I happen to attend again, I'll need to find a proper solution for this. :')

Anyway ... a big thank you goes to everyone who stopped by at my table at the Dealers' Den to say hi or even purchase something (be it a print or a commission). Also, thank you to whoever looked at or purchased one of my pieces in the art show! :)
Honestly, I felt almost undeserving of so many nice words - though they always made my day bright and shining (even before my first cup of coffee). Thank you so much, everyone! :)
Sorry to everyone who didn't manage catch a commission slot (boy, do they run out fast) and to everyone I wanted to meet but didn't make it to their tables (shyness, time, ... shyness ...).

Well, for now I'll try to further catch up with my messages (I'll answer all unanswered notes and emails during the next few days), starting new and continuing old commissions and preparing for Eurofurence.
Aside from that I'm happy to be home for more than a week (I'm sure my cats are just as happy).

After getting back I also noticed a lot of new watchers (about 50 O.O) - so welcome new watchers and thank you for watching me! ;)

Special thanks this time goes to Tabalon, Eisfuchs and Dinoex, who helped me a lot during my time in the Dealers' Den (bringing me food, news and helping me carry way too heavy boxes).
Also, there are two more people who deserve a big thank you:
Gab, for being such a cute and nice person (and of course for picking "Let me tell you" as her "Guest of honour's choice"). And Ultrafox, for being just as awesome and spending several hours in the bar with me, making me forget for a short while that I knew almost no one at Confuzzled (though that will hopefully change in the years to come).

I missed the dear Swandog there as she had some issues and couldn't attend on short notice. I really hope she will be feeling better soon!

Alright, it's been a while since I last wrote such a long journal entry all by myself (thanks to my old f(r)iend Tenosynovitis ...) and I hope no one fell asleep while reading it.

Stay well, everyone!



Confuzzled, anyone?

So ... tomorrow night I'm leaving for my trip to Confuzzled. I'm going to bring a few originals and limited jumbo prints with me, so be sure to check them out in the art show. ;) Also, I'll be in the Dealers' Den, offering regular prints, maybe some matted prints and a few pencil commissions. Feel free to drop by and say hi! :)
So ... who else is going to attend Confuzzled?

I'm sorry for not being very responsive at the moment as I'm busy preparing for Cfz. Things will speed up again after I'm back, so please bear with me for now.

Stay well and stay tuned!


Dragon painting - Auction

Hey guys and girls! :)

Just a quick update that the dragon painting I posted earlier (the cover artwork of "Das Geheimnis des Nebels") is now up for auction on FA:

Thanks for looking! I'm still digging myself through all your kind comments and messages (those are what keeps me going when in doubt) while preparing for the next conventions to come. :)

Also, some of you might have noticed it already, but there's finally something like real content on my website. To check it out please visit either or
A big thank you goes to Tabalon for taking care of all the technical stuff on that site. He made it possible to get everything done so shortly after the last book fair! :)

I hope all of you are well!


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Good news, bad news and another year filled with conventions ahead

So, there are some news, I guess ...
Let's start with the good news ... I went to an orthopaedic specialist for yet another check up last week and he said I should be perfectly fine again. Though I still have to be very careful not to overdo it the next few days (weeks?) again, I think I can finally work some more again.
The bad news is ... writing still feels awful and hurts after a while and no one knows why. So I guess I will continue being a slow poke writing and answering comments for a while longer. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
In any case, I will have to be way more careful in the future. But I also need to think about a way to permanently find some relieve for the stress in my hand as things can't go on like this forever. Especially now, that my hand has become more vulnerable to tenosynovitis.
(Thank you, though, for giving me tips how to train my hand and wrist to prevent something like this from happening again. You guys and girls know who you are.)

Well, that being said ... I will start contacting people on my commission waiting list in the next few days to make a rough estimation as to when I will finally be able to start their commission. :)

Also, I will be attending quite a few conventions and fairs this year ... I guess.

First off, I'll be attending the book fair in Leipzig in March. Unlike previous years, I will attend on Friday (for business related talks) and Saturday (for meeting friends I haven't seen in years). If you happen to be there as well, poke me and we might be able to meet up. :)

The next convention after that will be MMC.
After that (which will be a first for me this year) comes Confuzzled. I'm already really curious how CF will be.
And after that there will be Eurofurence, which I'll be attending as well.
I'll be having originals and limited jumbo prints hanging in the art show at all three of these conventions. And I'll be sitting in the Dealers' Den (Artist Alley at MMC) at every convention, waiting for you to drop by and say hi. :) If you come by early, you might even be able to snatch a small sketch or badge commission. Otherwise I can still offer prints, matted prints and _maybe_ some other stuff for sale.

After that there will be HerbstCon (aka food-coma-con).
And after that ... there will be the book fair in Frankfurt again. I'll be attending on Friday only this year, as business attendee. (Gladly HerbstCon and the book fair in Frankfurt aren't colliding, as they did last year.)

Well ... and that's about it for the convention season. I don't know yet if I will attend BerliCon this year (though I doubt there are spaces left anyway). :)

Anyway, thank you for reading and being so kind and patient, everyone. I really appreciate that. All your comments really do mean a lot to me.

So ... what can I add? Except ... stay well, tuned and don't get involved with a tenosynovitis yourself. That stuff is nasty, I tell you. ;)



P.S.: Before I forget it again ... thank you so much for the flood of birthday wishes last year. I was really happy reading all of those and I hope I managed to send a reply to everyone.

Tenosynovitis ... part 2

It's amazing how fast something that was supposed to be gone after 10 days can last more than 3 months, huh?

Well ... first of all ... I'm very sorry for being so silent during the past few months. While I've been watching what you guys were doing here and there, the only thing I was able to do was posting a few signs of life on Twitter and reading (a lot, actually).
Some of you might have been worried, some might have been even mad ... So I guess it's not only high time I told you what I've been up to these past months, but also how I expect things to develop in the near future.

You probably do remember me writing about my tenosynovitis, my splint and the 10-day rest period. Well, I went to see the doctor after that and he thought it was fine and I got rid of my splint. And since I am so incredibly reasonable and would never ever risk to overwork myself (note the sarcasm) - especially right after a tenosynovitis - I wanted to be a good artist and answer that really huge pile of messages I had and (of course) start working again since a freelancer almost never can afford too much time off.
You can guess what happened ... Yes, everything came back after less than a day and, to make matters worse, it hurt even more than before (and, like last time, writing was/is especially bad). So, I tried to get an appointment at an orthopaedic specialist - and I succeeded ... several weeks later. Well, I wore my splint most of the time during that period and was all eager to write a new journal entry about the (hopefully good) news the specialist was supposed to give me. Well, the news weren't good at all. In fact it got so bad that I had to start taking anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers. And then, he left me with 2 choices:
1. To keep wearing the splint all the time for the next 6 weeks, take the medication and get an additional therapy.
2.To cut down my work times and wear the splint whenever I wasn't drawing or painting, take the medication and get an additional therapy.
Either way would have kept me wearing the splint for at least another 6 weeks (the latter one even 8 weeks), though a really reliable estimation of the recovery time was not possible at that point. And since being a freelancer also means being in deep shit when you have a certain time you can't work, I took the second choice.
And so I started to spend my days painting almost exclusively for publishing companies, writing emails with one hand (which takes forever and is really exhausting) and resting my arm. During the time my arm needed to rest, there were only very little things I could do - like reading, reading or, for a change, reading.
I'm really fed up with this stupid tenosynovitis by now.
However, the good news is that my doctor said (last week) I was finally on a good way of getting better. So, it will take some more time to recover completely and I'll have to take things slowly after that, but at least it's finally getting better. It's kinda nice if your wrist doesn't hurt all the time anymore. ;)

Anyway, I know that I should have written a journal entry way sooner and I'm really very sorry about that. But please bear with me a little longer.
I'm currently doing my best at answering at least my personal messages and emails on a regular basis, though it might take a few days for me to respond (or longer when I have to look up several information for answering some questions).
Well, to all those who have read so far, have been worried about me and also kept on sending me get-well-wishes: Thank you so much.
An especially honourable mention goes to Eisfuchs (my caretaker since there are more things I can't do than things I can do with one hand), Tabalon (my paper work slave who helped me with parts of my work) and :iconisuna: (who kept encouraging me and sending me awesome pictures). :)

I will still be slow, but I'll at least try to upload pictures a bit more often (oh, there's tons of stuff I didn't upload yet), though I won't be able to answer your comments for another few weeks (but I always read and appreciate them <3).

Well, aside from that I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)




Hey guys and girls!

I'm back from EF, which was a blast, by the way, with some rather sad news. The pain in my right hand turned out to come from tenosynovitis. Thus, writing is very difficult for me right now. That means, answering comments, writing notes and the like will be slowed down again. I apologize for the inconvenience. And it also means that I can't draw or paint right now. The commissions on my waiting list will have to wait for a few more days (about 10). But I promise I'll be back for real as soon as my right arm is better once again. I'll write more about EF and recent happenings at that time.

Thank you for your understanding!



EF meme and some news

Whew, time was running so fast this year ... so it's "that time of the year" again. I'm busy preparing for EF, so I haven't been around much. I'll have to wait until after EF to reply to all comments due to lack of time. Since my right wrist is giving me quite some trouble while painting, too, work goes rather slow.
I'm currently working on my last paintings for EF (7 more pieces to go, gladly all of them are almost finished). While I didn't have enough time to colour the shy cutie piece I mentioned in a poll at DA earlier, I'll at least be able to finish "Tender Moments" which will be my center piece for EF art show. :)

Also, I'll be in the Dealers' Den again, offering prints (feel free to drop me a note before Monday for print pre-orders) and a small amount of sketch and badge commissions. You can always stop by and say hi, it will be really appreciated. :)

I'm so looking forward to see a lot of people from last year again and meeting new ones as well. Don't be afraid to start up a conversation with me - since I'm actually a very shy person it's likely that I won't talk to you first (that is ... if I don't know you irl already).

Where are you staying?
I'll be staying at the maritim.

What day are you getting there?
Tuesday, the 28th of August. (Wait, that's in less than a week already, isn't it? Aaaaaah!)

Who are you rooming with?

Who will you hang out with during the convention?
I'll most likely spend most of my time with good friends and anyone who wants to sacrifice some of their precious con time to hang out with me. :)

Where will you be most of the time during daytime?
The Dealers' Den ...

And what about the evenings?
I might be in the lobby or the Piano Bar, though I will decide that rather spontaneously.

Are there any panels you might be attending?
Hmm ... I wonder.

Are you attending any stage or public performances?
I'll be attending the Rock'n'Rome concert and the Pawpet Show ... though I'll be back stage only during the PPS.

Will you be suiting?
No, I didn't have time to fix my fursuit this year, sadly.

Do you do free art?
Depends on who is asking. ;)

What is your gender?
That question has to be really interesting if it's included in every year's EF meme ...

How old are you?
Oh, look! An obvious distraction!

How tall are you?
About 5,13'/1,565m

Are you taken? Are you looking for a 'mate'?
Happily taken and thus don't looking for a mate. So trying to make a pass on me will be a waste of your precious time. :)

Can I talk to you?
I'll be most happy if you do. :)

Can we hang out?
If you're nice ...

Can I touch you?
Depends on where you want to touch.

How can I find you?
Look for a small person with red curly hair - it shouldn't be that hard to spot me. :)

Last time/last con/last meet/last chat we talked so much and now you forgot my name? Why???
I was never good with names and faces but I'll most likely remember your con badge if I saw it before. :) And if you changed your hair style or something, chances are high I won't be able to recognize you at all. D:

Can I visit your room?
Please don't unless you're a really close friend of mine.

Can I buy you drinks?
Sure thing. ;)

Do you smoke?

Can I give you stuff?
Uhm ... what ... stuff?

Can I give you lots of money?
Well, I won't stop you if you'd like to do that ... but I'd prefer you to bid on my pieces in the art show or buying prints from me. :)

Can I take photos of you/with you?
Yes, though I'd prefer you to ask me first.

Can I hug you?
Oh, yes! Hugs, please! :D

Are you nice?
I wonder ... am I?

How long are you staying?
About a week.

Do you have an artist table?
Yes, I'll be in room Berlin in front of the windows on the far right.

Do you have prints/CDs?
I'll have prints, business cards, love potions ...

Will you have art in the Art Show?
Yes, take a look in the conbook if you want to know the panel numbers. :)

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Just try talking to me directly, most other attempts might not work.

What/where will you be eating?
Didn't think about that, yet ... hmmm.

Can I look in your sketchbook?
Depends on my current mood. ;)

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
Sadly, I don't have a sketch book for guest art.

Can I dance with you at the dances?
Hahaha, I'd like to see you trying to get me to dance! :D

Can I invite you to parties?
Of course, though I might have to turn down your invitation at times.

Do you shower?
At least once a day, so yes.

Everyone, have a save trip to EF! :)

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BerliCon here I come

So, this year will be my first year at BerliCon (I'll be leaving around noon tomorrow).
I'll have a few originals in the art show there and will also do some badge commissions (about 3) if you manage to catch me in time. :)

So ... aside from that there's not so much to write. A real shitload of work will keep me busy for the next few months (until quite some time after EF), but I'll try to check my messages at least once a week.
Wish me luck so I can keep it up (or tell me how to make time run slower, that would be appreciated even more).

On a completely different note ... Last week I got my wisdom teeth pulled out - all four at once. So not funny. Sadly, it kept me from working for a few days. Well, at least I got it over with before something really bad could happen. :]

Stay well and stay tuned! :)

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